The Celebrant Training Course

There are 5 good reasons why you should attend one of my celebrant training courses

  • An easy to follow training course that produces results with effective communications
  • Led by a Professional Celebrant with over 30 years’ experience in Public Speaking Presenting and Training
  • Affordable course fees
  • An in depth course that gives you the foundation for a successful career as a Professional Celebrant
  • Unlimited post course support – Howard is always available to help you

Just 5 good reasons to starting your career now as a Professional Celebrant!


You will find that by becoming a Professional Celebrant you will be starting a new, very fulfilling and extremely rewarding career.

Today more and more people are turning to a Professional Celebrant for advice and guidance about all aspects of a loved ones’ funeral.

In an increasingly secular society, bereaved families need more choice about a funeral service. They want a celebration which focuses on their loved one and which therefore reflects on that persons life and beliefs.

And that is what a Celebrant Training Services Professional Celebrant will do.

Anyone can conduct a funeral service – there are no legal requirements. But to conduct a good funeral service you need to be trained and to have reached a level of competency to ensure that the service runs smoothly and is enjoyed by everyone who is attending – particularly the family of the deceased. You will be taught how to deliver a unique, personalised funeral service to the very highest standards.

This course covers all aspects of a Professional Celebrants role from your first contact with a Funeral Director asking you to take a service through to meeting the family, helping the family to decide on the funeral service content and then writing a beautiful and fitting tribute (eulogy) that puts the deceased at the very centre of the service that honours the memory of someone so special.

You will learn how to conduct a Funeral Service be it a cremation or burial as well as how to conduct an Interment of Ashes and a Memorial Service plus much more.